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Habits of a winner

Habits of a winner

The Ten Habits of a Winner

I read a quote somewhere (not sure where). It made sense to me in it’s simplicity

“All you can do is all you can do And all you can do is enough But make sure you so all you can do!”

I made a simple list of habits of winners – thought I’d share them here

This is reflected in your words and actions

The biggest difference between the people who make it financially and those who don’t is the way they spend their time.

I am yet to come across a situation where it helped to look less than your best. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. You rather be overdressed any time. You can never explain that you have a better suit at home . . .

In our school we always got merits for volunteering – the girls who did were sometimes jeered but their results today show.

Everyone is their friend. Remember God’s currency isn’t cash. God’s currency is people.

An eagle eats fresh meat! If you don’t stay relevant you will be replaced. One way to keep from becoming bored is to constantly learn new skills – read one new book each month. The change will be in your subconscious and will surely show in your results.

Giving creates a vacuum in your life – you will always have new things. Give 10% of your money away! That has nothing to do with your religious conviction – it is just a law of life. Give of your time, money and information.

There is something you do better than anybody – don’t ever be afraid of competition. There cannot be another you – be creative.

Do not look for ways how not to do it – rather look for ways how to do it.

There is nothing to be gained without paying a price – watch your health, your money, your friends.