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Our Training Programs

Our Staff Development programs are in two broad categories: 1. In-House programs These are customized to fill specific training gaps and are

This Division was created of necessity in June 2020 after the Covid19 Pandemic and the subsequent lock-down that made physical training impossible.

Team building is a great tool for enhancing staff skills transfer, building cohesive work teams, enhancing the development of Soft Skills and

Managing records and information is a pivotal piece in running any organization efficiently. This program is intended to introduce the industry standards

In today’s competitive market, Customer Service determines the Winners and the Losers. One of the best investments you can make in your

Contracts are not necessarily won or jobs secured by the people with the superior product / service – more often by those

Your organisation could have the best product or service in the world but if prospective clients don’t like or trust ‘YOU’ and what you

Recent studies reveal that 48% of employees worldwide are dissatisfied with their jobs. Many of them feel stressed at the office, and