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Customer Service Excellence Program

In today’s competitive market, Customer Service determines the Winners and the Losers. One of the best investments you can make in your company is to invest in the development, motivation and effectiveness of your frontline employees. This module will incorporate to a large extent aspects of Effective Communication which forms an integral part of Excellent Customer Service.


SOFT SKILLS LTD has provided training and services which have had a very positive impact on improving the quality of service to Clients, as well as developing employee effectiveness. Our Spirit of Excellence in Management practice establishes standards of service designed to elevate the Client experience while building and investing

Editorial Team Success Program

Newsletters, Periodicals, Bulletins, Journals and Annual reports are a function of Public Relations and are a vital source of information from the Organisation to its stakeholders. They provide a crucial channel by which the Organisation to its stakeholders – creating and maintaining the desired profile and character. It is therefore vital that the utmost care be taken to make these as relevant and professional as possible.And yet a majority of editorial committee members are not professional journalists. They have the technical knowledge of the Organisation and its operations but lack the skills required to disseminate such information in an interesting and relevant format to capture and retain the attention of their audience.


The Editorial Team Success Program is an intense hands-on boot camp to bridge this gap. In it we equip the participants with the skills required to make any publication a must-read thus raising the profile of the organisation as a whole. This involves lots of demonstration, exercises and even interactive feedback during the sessionParticipants learn the art of proposing editorial changes other than those required to correct errors or to achieve editorial style