Soft Skills Ltd

Public Relations And Media Training For Boards And Management Teams

Media can be a leader’s best friend or worst enemy. With the right preparedness one is able to covey messages positively both off the cuff and in in pre-planned press releases. Our program prepares the participant to be assertive while remaining likable and conversational and thus perform well in high stakes media setting. Our goal is to maximize comfort and minimize surprises.
A strong brand, a good reputation is not something that just happens – it is the result of intentional Media Management. Just like with the best speech delivery, any successful interview is nothing other than a rehearsed performance. By using interview simulations and video recording, we seek to give practical skills and experience to even the least experienced participant leaving them confident to face any PR challenges that may face them.This program is delivered by well-seasoned Media and Public Relations professionals with hands on experience in local and international media